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Once described in an interview as " A powerhouse in a pint sized package" Clair has made her mark first as a professional athlete and model and then furtherd her career into the arts of photography and videography. 

An accomplished BASE jumper with 15 years in the sport as a professional, She was also the youngest ever female jumper on recod begining her path at 16 years old. 

From BASE jumping she found skydiving and eventually trying her hand at mountain biking. She prefers to describe herself as an adventure sports athlete and artist rather than definig her expertise into one catagory. 

With an impressive list of accomplishments within her respective sports Clair decided to try her hand behind the camera in video and photo format. A hobby that quickly moved to the forefront of her schedule she now works within the media industry regularly. 

Currently Clair continues her sports and partnership with select brands and accepts video and photo projects both infront of and behind the lense. For media, sponsorship and production opportunities please visit our contact page 

Moto-BASE| The Bradley "Slums" O'Neal Story

Watch Clair's first full length mini-doc about moto-BASE pionere Bradley Slums. Dive deep into the background and history of how Moto-BASE came to fruition and the work that goes into it! 

Please allow upt to 24hrs for delivery of video! 

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