Shaping Up

Over the years I have bounced back and forth from BASE jumping and skydiving, mixing in a few other sports every now and then. But the one that I have massively been slacking on has been my climbing. I grew up climbing in the
mountains of CA. When I was on the rock I felt most at home. Totally comfortable, challenged and at peace. Once I started BASE jumping the climbing took a back seat in my life. Something I never really addressed until recently. Over the past few months my desire to get back to being a strong climber has hit hard. Opening doors to many new adventures in a world I like to call… Multisport. Ok yea so its not that revolutionary. People have been participating in multisport for a LONG time. But now is my time. Mixing Climbing and BASE jumping is so fulfilling and so challenging all at the same time but what has been the hardest is realizing how far I slipped off the climbing horse. Mentally I can still climb 5.12 but physically I am back down to being a 5.10 climber. Oh boy, this adventure to getting my strength back is just beginning. And oh what a fun road I am on. All of this has made me realize that a positive outlook and attitude surrounding progression is so important. I could just as easily get down on myself for slacking off for so long, losing my strength and not being where I would like to be. But instead I am fortunate enough to have the option to feel like a total newbie again and start from the ground up. Relearning what I used to have engrained with in my body. Setting a base point or starting point. I have the awesome opportunity to now measure my progress yet again and seeing where it will take me.

Sure it is frustrating to remember being much better at something and now feeling as though I am just starting again, but at the same time it’s the pain and discomfort that we often learn the most from.

My most recent climbing session left me less of a person then when I started, but only by a little ;) photoSkin is just skin and it will grow back… hopefully. Its just mother nature showing me a little tough love. Made me remember that smiling and laughing through the pain is what I always did  and man does it help with managing the fact that I now gave a gaping hole in my hand.


There is only one way to go from here and that is up… and then hopefully BASE jump down.

BASE Challenge Accepted

The Search For The Next Inspirational Woman

Every day I am constantly amazed at the amount of exceptional women I hear about and meet. Over the past year I have featured several inspirational women who were in my immediate circle of friends. People who inspire me and who are just generally bad-ass! But now I want to reach further. I am on the search for the Next Inspirational Woman to feature here on BASEgirl.

Here are the rules.

1. You can submit for yourself or a friend who you think should be featured

2.You must include a 2 paragraph description of why you believe you (or your friend) should be featured as an inspirational woman

3. You must include at least 2 photos. 1 face/head shot (the bigger the smile the better) and 1 photo of you or them doing what you love!

The last day to submit an entry will be April 30th!

Keep in mind. You don’t have to be an action adventure sports athlete to be inspirational!!!

Please email all entries to with the subject line “NIW” for the entry to be viewed and considered.

I look forward to all of the submissions! Lets rock this!


Trip Of A Life Time

My most recent trip was one for the record books for me. One of the greatest times I have had in a long time. Climbing, BASE jumping and laughing more than I have ever laughed before. Combining some of my deepest loves and passions into one pretty little package of memories for the rest of my life time.

BASEgirl Ep 9. Just released. This is a very hard one for me to post, not because of the content, the adventure is amazing, but because the person who contributed exponential amounts to the adventure and film making process, someone I loved very deeply, passed away in a BASE jumping accident last week. I am incredibly heartbroken and totally crushed but at the same time I feel so fortunate to have spent even a minute with this awesome individual. Although he doesn’t make an appearance in the video know that I never could have done this with out the help of the incredible Sean Leary. Without you Sean this video would have been nothing and this adventure would have been far from the spectacular experience it was. I dedicate this video to you and know you will always be in my heart! Thank you so much for everything you taught me and for the wonderful adventures! Fly Free and see you on the other side.

BASE Girl Epic TV

What a Day Is Really Like

Over the past few years I have kept up on social media, posting about my adventures and experiences. Sharing a little of what I love with those who care to read about them. The last week was no exception. I had the pleasure of working and filming with an amazing individual for a new series called A Day In The Life. Featuring athletes and what a typical day looks like for them. You have seem by BASE jumping and skydiving adventures… Now if you ever wondered what else I do all day aside from Skydive and BASE jump you are in luck!! Here is Sparkshop Production’s A Day In The Life featuring yours truly. Filmed by the talented Kyle Berkompas. It was such a pleasure working with them and just an all around hilariously good time!

A Day In The Life Thank you GoFast for the tunnel time and getting me hooked on yet another flying sport ;)


Adventuring Without A Camera

In this day and age of instant gratification and posting all the videos and photos on social media, the true nature of why we love these adventures can be lost. It can be lost to the stress of “getting the shot”. I am no stranger to social media, filming, posting and sharing adventures. I think it is something that is very fulfilling, to be able to share my experiences and adventures with others. But at the same point there is something to be said about getting back to the very core of what I love, no cameras, no shot list, no other motivation other then just getting out there by myself, doing my thing and loving every moment. It allows me to focus 100% on what I have going on in that moment and be totally present. No cameras= total freedom in every moment to just be. It makes me truly appreciate what I do and just reminds me how much I love what I do.

Don’t get me wrong. I am totally fortunate to be able to work with in the industry that fuels my soul, but at the same point just getting away from it all and getting back to what I do in its most pure form motivates me to reach higher, go stronger and experience more.

A balance of filming adventures and just going on adventures is what I always seek and that is the very thing that keeps me going!

The Epicness That Can Be Life… If We Allow It

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 6.01.01 PM

With the crisp cold winter air, a car full of toys to play in said air and a huge smile on my face, I left Colorado to travel to and from Northern California, Stoked stopping in several places in between. I didn’t really have an end goal for my trip but instead a trip goal for my life. It was my intention to go on this trip, driving solo, meeting up with friends along the way and just seeing where it brought me. With no predetermined goals or expectations, which is harder to have then it sounds, I dove into something new. No real plan… Being a BASE jumper I am very accustom to planing things out in detail, but also being open to last minute changes because lets face it. Mother nature doesn’t always stick to the plan. But in general I like to have a plan, so departing on a trip with limited planning and almost no schedule was completely new and exciting for me.

Where would it bring me and what would the trip mean? Questions I often asked myself as I drove for hours on end completely alone. But then quickly dismissed because… Who cared what the trip was all about. I knew it was going to be a fun adventure regardless. Thats the wonderful thing about having no expectations, everything is always a surprise and almost more fun then if it was planned.

After making it to NorCal I settled into a few weeks with the family.BASE girl Family Combining last minute BASE jumps with good friends, amazing conversations and lots of impromptu adventures. I quickly adjusted to the life of just going with the flow and making the best out of each situation and every minute. A friend, who unfortunately is no longer with us, always reminded me to make the best of every moment and never waste a day. Something I hold near and dear to my heart now!

With each adventure came a deeper and deeper fulfillment and excitement in life!

76223_748858409890_1393326688_nFrom tower climbing in Moab with amazing friend, in t-shirts in January, to BASE jumping off antennas, cliffs and bridges all across 4 states. A little stop for some slack lining and high line practice. My first attempt at mountain bike riding and of course not to forget re-connecting with old friends who constantly fill my head with crazy amazing ideas. I would have to say my unplanned trip was a success!!

Some times we as humans are just so insistent on making a plan and sticking to it that we miss out on opportunities that could be life changing. At the very least they are thought provoking and entertaining in one way or another.

1488712_10102073001555163_327417369_n-1If we could all just get out of our own way and let our thoughts and actions open new doors with out forcing them. We might just see something we didn’t before! New opportunities at every corner, a snow ball effect of life choices and life path that can change at any second. Scary I know! We live in a world where we fear the unknown and rebel against the taboo. Instead of fear the unknown why can’t it spark curiosity. Instead of judging that which we don’t understand, why don’t 1620593_10102073001984303_910957520_nwe explore it and become educated? I know that a deeper knowledge of any aspect of life might not change your mind as to whether or not you like it, but what harm does a deeper knowledge have? In all of my experiences a deeper knowledge creates a more intense feeling but also a deeper appreciation for that which I have and what I offer to the world. Man, doesn’t everyone want to feel that way? Your adventure is up to you! If you are going to rebel then rebel agains the socially constructed ideas of the norm. You will have more fun ;)