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Bright faced and stars in their eyes, everyone always thinks that the New Year will be their year! I love to see the motivation in everyone. The list making and dream planning, all the big ideas and positive changes that are voiced on various forms of social media. It truly is a magical time of year mainly because of the energy that everyone is putting out! It is sad to me to see all of the positivity and plans fade away as the days in the new year tick by. Going to the gym 5 days a week turns to 3 to 2 to never again. The happy motivated energy turns to self destructive guilt for not sticking to it and then the inevitable happens. They say that Next year will be their year.

I am guilty of this same process and that is not to say that there aren’t plenty of NY resolutions that are stuck to and accomplished. However in my experience the majority of people fall back into their same old habits that are keeping them right where they were last year within just weeks.

This is exactly why I don’t put so much emphasis on yearly resolutions and instead I create resolutions monthly and some times even weekly. This way… If I fall off the wagon I don’t feel like I have to wait until next year to start again!

The problem with saying you are going to start something in the new year is that you aren’t fully committed. If you want to start something new why not start now. Have conviction in your decisions and decide right now that EVERY YEAR is your year. Take ownership of your results, both past and future and know that you and only you can decide to build the life you truly want, no matter what that looks like!

So this year, just like every year past I choose to be healthy, I choose to take care of myself and I choose to work tirelessly in a direction that gets me closer to my goals. What is your plan?

When a 10 Year Old is Braver Than You

I love to see people doing what they love and making it work. Sitting around and waiting for the things you want to just be laid out in front of you will never work. If you want something, If you want to accomplish something you have to go for it full force until you either lose interest or accomplish it!

When I see people charging forward in life it brings me so much joy. When I see a 10 year old going for what they want, regardless of what others might say is even more inspiring!

Bayla is an incredible 10 year old girl who will stop at nothing to accomplish her dreams. The other day I was out at a very popular BASE jumping location. I was there to do a BASE jump, however Bayla had other plans. Some friends had set up a massive rope swing off a 400ft cliff. The rope swing was approx. a 200ft drop. I had never done a rope swing before and neither had Bayla, so we decided to do it together! Being the most brave I have ever seen a 10 year old we jumped off the cliff and the sweetness that followed can only be described by our faces and excited descriptions post rope swing. Check out the video and don’t forget to subscribe!

The Most Scared I Have Been in a While

I think it is safe to say that I really enjoy pushing myself. Most people say I like to scare myself. I guess that’s fair. A lot of the things that I do would scare most people and I really enjoy that nervous feeling. What I love even more is pushing through that nervous feeling and not letting it stop me from experiencing really unique and amazing things.

It is my full belief that we fear what we don’t understand, when we educate ourselves on what ever thing is scaring us it becomes less daunting and that fear subsides… Even when the fear subsides the nerves still exist. That feeling is one of the things that motivates me! It is so fun to me that even after 11+ years I still experience all those feelings that once attracted me to the sport of BASE jumping.

Last week, when I had to do one of the scariest approaches to a BASE jump I have ever done, was no different. Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe 😉

Redemption Is the Word

There are many things that I’m not amazing at. But I have this aspect of my personality where I really want to be good at everything right away. So when I’m not, it just motivates me to charge harder. When I fail…. Well I always come back to give it another go.

Riding the Whole Enchilada was no different!

The first time I tried my hand at it I had only been riding Mountain Bikes for about 2ish months and lets just say it was a trying experience. I was underprepared, exhausted, hungry and tired about half way into the 32mile ride. It was not my proudest moment. So this year, Almost 1 year later, I had another chance. A chance at redemption. So of course I took it! And here was the outcome

How To Get Arrested In a National Park

It’s no lie, the United States has some pretty spectacular landscape. Scenery that will not just leave you speechless, but will evoke this overwhelming emotion that cannot be easily explained.  They are a reminder of what once was and a blatant example of what is almost gone. To me it instills this sense of urgency, to protect what little we have left of the beauty that once surrounded us. To always remember, in everything we do, what our impact truly is.

Visiting National Parks is an emotional and eye opening experience. And in all the years tourism has just kept growing. A good thing? Maybe, although the increased traffic to the sites and the utter disgusting behavior of some visitors is appalling. People carving their names in natural landscapes, Littering all over the place. Having no sense of preservation. Makes me want to slap people.

It’s funny to me that with all the destruction that goes on in national parks, what will get you arrested is not destroying the landscape that is protected, but instead enjoying it in the way I find the most fulfilling. Falling from the beautiful cliffs.

Although I go on a slight rant check out my most recent vlog.

When You Finally Take The Leap

There are many things that I love about what I do. I love almost all of it, so it is easy for me to get to business on the things I really enjoy. It doesn’t feel so much like work when you love what you do. But there are those few things, those nagging things, that always seem to be in the back of my mind.

I made a habit of saying, “oh I have a great idea… I should do x,y and z…” Then I don’t. Weeks or months pass by and I think again, oh I should really do that. Yet again I don’t. I just allow it to plague my mind as I procrastinate on doing the thing that I want to do but I don’t REALLY want to do. But then one day, with out fail, I wake up with this strange spark of motivation that was previously lacking and I just… do it!

This is the exact process I went through when I talked about starting a Vlog. I have thought for the past 4 years that I should start a Vlog. People told me hundreds of times throughout the years that I should start one, But I never did. Fears of not knowing the process and not wanting to dedicate time to the process filled my head. It goes back to my theory that we fear what we don’t understand. I didn’t know what I would Vlog about. I have lots of thoughts and ideas, I do lots of things, but I never understood how it would be interesting to people. Until I woke up about 3 weeks ago and just decided to do it. I embraced the fact that I didn’t know anything about Vlogging or the community. I accepted the fact that I probably won’t be good at first but it isn’t about the outcome but the process. I would learn and I made myself be ok with that. See I like to be good at things right away. I LOVE to learn but some things I just wish I was good at right now, not next month or next year. But I have slowly let go of that idea and just relaxed in the process.

I decided to start with a hefty goal of 1 video per week uploaded to my YOUTUBE. But by the second week of uploading aka today I decided that one just wasn’t enough and have now decided on 2 per week. Jumping in at the deep end you say?… Yup, you’re right. That’s how I do things. It’s how I learn best.

See if I sit around and undercut my abilities and put something out there that wasn’t challenging for me I feel like I don’t get much out of it. Are 2 videos per week a stretch? Absolutely, especially compared to the 6 or 7 per year I usually upload, but it is a challenge I am willing to take on.

One of the reasons I decided to actually start vlogging is because I feel it is a better representation of who I am. Yes all the videos of me BASE jumping and MTB riding are very much who I am. I feel I was undercutting myself. I do so much more than just that and I want to put that out there.

Because I have been so busy with shooting and editing Vlogs over the past 3 weeks, I totally neglected to spend some time here. With you all. So… Here is a media dump. My first 3 Vlogs!!! Enjoy, Don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a comment on Youtube about what you think!!

But What About Me?

Through all the ups and downs. After all the planning and adventuring (which there is a lot), I am always in need of some serious me time. Despite the fact that I love doing awesome things with rad people I am very much an introvert. I can socialize with the best of them but at the end of the day I love a little time to myself to relax, recharge and center myself. When I am stressed or on edge (not a literal edge) I am definitely not my best self so I try to make sure I spend some time on myself to stay grounded. One of my favorite ways to treat myself is with a little home spa. It’s relaxing, fun and to be honest the fact that it is cost effective is probably the biggest selling point for me.

A little yoga, some warm tea, a mani and pedi, a good movie and a great face mask will make any girl feel more like herself!

Clair Marie, BASE girl Derma9Right now my favorite face mask by far is the Derma9 Zone System Mask. I have a tendency (as many girls do) to have dry cheeks but an oily T-zone which is why I love Derma9. It targets specific areas to give you exactly what you need for each type of skin across your face.

It’s easy and fun to apply and when I take it off my skin feels hydrated, smooth and silky. What’s not to love. But to be honest, what I love the most is this brand is VEGAN!!! Mega plus in my book as I slowly transition into  all cruelty free products in my daily routine. They gave me a special discount code for you all to use if you want to try it. Just use code CLAIR for 10% off your order and let me know what you think! 

Clair Marie BASE girl

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When Passion Just Isn’t Enough

I am a firm believer that passion should be the driving force behind our actions. Passion should be what leads our lives in the direction that we want to go. Not money, not fame, but doing something that fills our soul.

It is really easy to say “find your passion and follow it” but to be honest it isn’t really that easy to do.

quotes-talent-courage-erica-jong-480x480With the internet filling our head with all of these “easy steps to get where you want to go” each step by step guide fails to mention one simple but very big piece of the puzzle. It is a lot of hard work. And not just like, Oh I sit in an office and work a lot. I mean nose to the grind stone for hours, days and some times weeks on end with no solid promise of success. Weeks, months and years of just figuring it out as you go. As an entrepreneur who is building a career out of a passion your job title will change not just daily but hourly. You will wear the many hats of a business owner, CEO and CFO. You will troubleshoot, google your ass off and just figure it out.

Most people have these grand ideas of what it is like to follow your dream for a living. Envisioning that it is all fun and games. That it’s all good times while you navigate the world doing what you love. Not to burst your perfect bubble but nothing is perfect… and it’s better that way.

I wouldn’t give up the life that I have created for the world. Every late night, Every frustrating 2df97c361e25492136ba8fe555ae0025coding error, change of travel plans, agreement and document draft, financial discussion, legal research and all of the many other things that I’ve had to do that make up what I’ve built are things that I am proud of.

Every time I get an email from someone who says they want what I have, they want advice to live their dreams, they want to know my secrete I tell them… 11 years… 11 years of hard work. 11 years of blood sweat and tears, but 11 of the most amazing, challenging, fun and life changing years. That is what it takes.

So yes, passion is simply not enough. In order to build the life that you want you need so much more than just passion. You need drive, dedication, patience, a think skin, compassion (for others and yourself). You need to be open. Open to other ideas, opinions, changes and failures. But if you can embrace all of the different aspects of following your dreams. If you are ok with the blissful picture perfect times but also the dirty, grimy, scrape your way through it times then and only then are you ready to pursue your passions and build them into a life long career.

My life is not all glitz and glam, or adventure and exploration. Those things just scratch the surface of what I do. But everything I do that is not just the tip of the iceburg is done to allow me the life that I so desperately desired for so many years.

There is nothing more empowering than seeing your hard work and dedication pay off. The feeling looking back and being able to say wow… look at how many times I failed but I got back up. Look at what I have built. It is those times, those feelings that make everything I do so worth it.

I encourage everyone to follow their dreams and turn their passions into their careers, but I don’t want to portray this unauthentic and unrealistic figure that preaches how easy it is to have/do what you want. But I will tell you that it is worth it! So buck up, figure out what you want. Pursue it relentlessly and don’t be afraid to get dirty!

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 4.41.40 PM

When Your Jewelry Does All the Work… Almost

It is no denying that in our day and age we like to keep track of everything. How much we make,  what our favorite celebrities or athletes are doing, what is on social media and for many how active they are in their day to day lives.

Activity trackers are all the rage these days, some are more in depth than others but they all aim for the same goal. To help you track what you do in your day to inspire and motivate you to do more!

Most activity trackers come in the form of a wrist band like a watch and are typically made out of some kind of rubber or polymer that makes you look really… active. That is one thing that always turned me off to so many different brands of activity trackers. Being a total girl I am definitely more inclined to get the one that is high functioning and appeals to my personal style and taste.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.30.04 PMThe Bellabeat LEAF does just that. It has all of the typical tracker features (plus some) and it completely re-defines what an activity tracker should look like. With a delicate but durable leaf pattern (obviously) it isn’t just confined to your wrist. Although it can be worn as a bracelet, it has this adorable clip that attaches to your shirt and it can also be worn as a necklace.

Ok enough about it’s look. A good looking piece of technology or equipment isClair Marie, Claire Marie, BASE girl only as good as it functions. With awesome features like inactivity alerts, in the form of a light vibrate, step tracker and goal setting it has everything that is expected of an activity tracker. What makes the functions of the LEAF so unique is the fact that it also has a function to monitor sleep and how well you sleep based on movement.
It also has a meditation function that has optional guides to help you reach your goals. This function was not my favorite but only because I have years of experience with meditation. However for someone who is new to the wonderful and life changing world of meditation it is a great tool and this function is a perfect stepping stone.

Over all I liked this device and I would recommend it to the every day woman who is not jumping off cliffs or racing down mountains and to those who participate in moderate intensity sports. 

climb leaf

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