November 4, 2016 Clair Marie 0Comment

There are many things that I love about what I do. I love almost all of it, so it is easy for me to get to business on the things I really enjoy. It doesn’t feel so much like work when you love what you do. But there are those few things, those nagging things, that always seem to be in the back of my mind.

I made a habit of saying, “oh I have a great idea… I should do x,y and z…” Then I don’t. Weeks or months pass by and I think again, oh I should really do that. Yet again I don’t. I just allow it to plague my mind as I procrastinate on doing the thing that I want to do but I don’t REALLY want to do. But then one day, with out fail, I wake up with this strange spark of motivation that was previously lacking and I just… do it!

This is the exact process I went through when I talked about starting a Vlog. I have thought for the past 4 years that I should start a Vlog. People told me hundreds of times throughout the years that I should start one, But I never did. Fears of not knowing the process and not wanting to dedicate time to the process filled my head. It goes back to my theory that we fear what we don’t understand. I didn’t know what I would Vlog about. I have lots of thoughts and ideas, I do lots of things, but I never understood how it would be interesting to people. Until I woke up about 3 weeks ago and just decided to do it. I embraced the fact that I didn’t know anything about Vlogging or the community. I accepted the fact that I probably won’t be good at first but it isn’t about the outcome but the process. I would learn and I made myself be ok with that. See I like to be good at things right away. I LOVE to learn but some things I just wish I was good at right now, not next month or next year. But I have slowly let go of that idea and just relaxed in the process.

I decided to start with a hefty goal of 1 video per week uploaded to my YOUTUBE. But by the second week of uploading aka today I decided that one just wasn’t enough and have now decided on 2 per week. Jumping in at the deep end you say?… Yup, you’re right. That’s how I do things. It’s how I learn best.

See if I sit around and undercut my abilities and put something out there that wasn’t challenging for me I feel like I don’t get much out of it. Are 2 videos per week a stretch? Absolutely, especially compared to the 6 or 7 per year I usually upload, but it is a challenge I am willing to take on.

One of the reasons I decided to actually start vlogging is because I feel it is a better representation of who I am. Yes all the videos of me BASE jumping and MTB riding are very much who I am. I feel I was undercutting myself. I do so much more than just that and I want to put that out there.

Because I have been so busy with shooting and editing Vlogs over the past 3 weeks, I totally neglected to spend some time here. With you all. So… Here is a media dump. My first 3 Vlogs!!! Enjoy, Don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a comment on Youtube about what you think!!