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It is no denying that in our day and age we like to keep track of everything. How much we make,  what our favorite celebrities or athletes are doing, what is on social media and for many how active they are in their day to day lives.

Activity trackers are all the rage these days, some are more in depth than others but they all aim for the same goal. To help you track what you do in your day to inspire and motivate you to do more!

Most activity trackers come in the form of a wrist band like a watch and are typically made out of some kind of rubber or polymer that makes you look really… active. That is one thing that always turned me off to so many different brands of activity trackers. Being a total girl I am definitely more inclined to get the one that is high functioning and appeals to my personal style and taste.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.30.04 PMThe Bellabeat LEAF does just that. It has all of the typical tracker features (plus some) and it completely re-defines what an activity tracker should look like. With a delicate but durable leaf pattern (obviously) it isn’t just confined to your wrist. Although it can be worn as a bracelet, it has this adorable clip that attaches to your shirt and it can also be worn as a necklace.

Ok enough about it’s look. A good looking piece of technology or equipment isClair Marie, Claire Marie, BASE girl only as good as it functions. With awesome features like inactivity alerts, in the form of a light vibrate, step tracker and goal setting it has everything that is expected of an activity tracker. What makes the functions of the LEAF so unique is the fact that it also has a function to monitor sleep and how well you sleep based on movement.
It also has a meditation function that has optional guides to help you reach your goals. This function was not my favorite but only because I have years of experience with meditation. However for someone who is new to the wonderful and life changing world of meditation it is a great tool and this function is a perfect stepping stone.

Over all I liked this device and I would recommend it to the every day woman who is not jumping off cliffs or racing down mountains and to those who participate in moderate intensity sports. 

climb leaf

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