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My passion for adventure is fueled by this never ending desire to push myself, to see more and to be more. In order to follow my passion I need to focus on what fuels my body equally as much. I am a vegan! Many people ask me all the time why I am vegan and what the added benefits are being a vegan and an athlete. I guess I will have to post about that some time soon as well.

Food for me is not just for fuel (as many athletes view food) but instead it holds a bigger importance. I am a picky eater, I need the right combination of flavors and textures and there is nothing better than an awesome meal that hits all the right notes.(Check out my Travel food blog) However when I am out adventuring, getting my hands on a carefully crafted meal is all but impossible.

For years I relied on choking down dry, chalky and overall horrible meal bars to keep me going throughout the day when BASE jumping or Climbing. Eating was something I needed to do but I always dreaded.

A few years ago, after countless attempts to just buck up and suffer through snack time on adventures I was fed up. Well…not fed up, more like tired of not being fed. I knew there had to be something out there that would do the job both in the nutrition department and in the flavor and texture one too.

20150727_122221That is when I found Raw Revolution. The most amazing, tasty, nutritious and pleasant bars a girl could ask for. My struggles of Hangry Adventure Clair were over. After reaching out to them and voicing how much I love their products they were kind enough to give me a coupon code for 20% to share with my followers. Use coupon code: ClairMarie So now you can try them out and kick your Hangry times right in the butt. Trust me, you will love them!

Thank you Raw Revolution for all of your support!

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