July 18, 2015 Clair Marie 0Comment

People try so hard to be the things that they read on the internet.

They try to be like that funny guy they saw on the video that  got millions of views

They try to be like that beautiful girl who had perfect makeup.

They try to follow the millions of articles that list the 5,10, 50 things happy or rich people do differently.

They try to morph themselves to fit these molds that these bloggers create in hopes of becoming someone that is more desirable, more beautiful, more successful.

In this process they lose who they truly are. The forget that the guy in the video is funny because he is being himself. The girl who has perfect makeup has spent hours upon hours of practice. Those articles that make it all seem so easy were written by someone who most likely struggles with the exact topic they are writing about, who’s job it is to just create content!

None of us are perfect and embracing that imperfection, being happy with what is in front of us right now and striving for a better version of us is what truly makes someone successful. Not trying to change everything about you. That just leads you down a path of dissatisfaction.

We are who we are and we can’t… and shouldn’t change that! We can aim for bigger and better things but no one is any more or less capable than the other. Stop trying to be someone else’s version or representation of perfect. Be you and be perfectly you!