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Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Oahu, Hawaii with the Liftoff film crew to do some shooting on the beautiful Island. Being that I had only been to Hawaii once before, as a teenager, I 10929132_10204851918592098_2552451432760023340_nwas pretty excited to be going. Over the years I have seen pictures of Oahu, the surfing and the beautiful landscape but I was definitely not prepared for how truly beautiful it was.

I have always considered myself to be an air person, if that wasn’t obvious already. So the whole lets adventure int he open ocean is still a new concept for me. I grew up always wanting to surf, but being that I was raised at 6k ft elevation in the mountains of northern CA it was never a really viable option. But that was then and this is now so it was time. One of the new lift off members Trevor said he would take me and another jumper, Hege, surfing.

My experience was… less than spectacularly impressive. 10953405_10204827790228904_5706032928138358094_nA storm was rolling in so the picturesque sunny hawaian beach was morphed into a decently ominous looking environment complete with dark storm clouds, cold…ish water and a nice chilly wind. After getting nailed by a wave just seconds after getting in the water I was basically ready to quit before I even started. The ocean intimidates me to a huge degree! However I trusted that Trevor didn’t want to see me get hurt any more than I wanted to get hurt so we went for it again. After paddling for what seemed like forever I was finally in a spot to try and catch a wave…Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.04.43 AM Keep in mind by wave I mean a totally unimpressive little white wash of moving water. First attempt was a complete failure and I think I swallowed a full glass of sea water. But on my second attempt I was able to stand up momentarily. By momentarily I mean long enough to kind of get a screen shot of me with my hands off the surf board. At which point I was totally satisfied. Called it a success and paddled back to shore as I was completely exhausted!

In true adventurer fashion the surfing wasn’t the only thing the liftoff crew got up to. Some body surfing, Bouldering on the beach, skydiving over paradise and of course eating amazing food all compiled to make an incredibly fun and memorable trip. It’s always nice when I am sad to leave because that just shows how awesome of a time it was and there are many more adventures to come! Seeing old friends and making awesome new friends to share these adventures with. That was truly the greatest part of the trip!!

Alex Aimard, Hege Ringard, Jokke Sommer, Petter, Jokke’s mom, Trevor Sven Carlson, Me, Garrett McNamara, Niccolo Porcella

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