May 8, 2014 Clair Marie 0Comment

triv·i·al ˈtrivēəl/ adjective  1.of little value or importance.

That is the literal definition of trivial. Most people place so much additional importance on small things that at the end of the day, or in the big picture, don’t even matter. We are programed to put more emphasis on small insignificant things…  I am guilty of this myself. Now, level of importance changes from person to person and what we truly value will never match that of someone else. So an understanding of the validity of the saying “one mans trash is another mans treasure”  is key to not judge what others hold important. Over the years I have worked to let go of the trivial aspects of life that most of society places a huge level of importance on. One of the ways to work towards a freedom from the stress of the truly trivial is through meditation.  A solid and regular meditation practice does wonders for relieving the ailments that accompany stress. I love meditation and practice it regularly, but there is one more activity that I enjoy which takes my mind completely off the trivial aspects of life… Getting myself into a place where I am actually forced not to think about that which doesn’t matter. In BASE jumping it is just me, the object and mother nature. I am forced to forget all that hinders my daily clarity and I have to focus 100% on the moment that I am in right then and there. It truly highlights how many things I think about, stress about and worry about and how truly insignificant they are. Luckily this level of letting go of the trivial can be attained in many different ways other than hurling yourself off an object with a parachute. It can be attained through any activity that requires focus, attention and puts a smile on your face. I have experienced this through yoga, slack lining, climbing and many other activities but you can truly seek this in anything that you do. It’s just up to you!! Now I am not saying to give everything up and become irresponsible, but instead I implore you to find what it is that captivates your attention, moves you to be in the moment and at the same time brings the trivial aspects of your life that stress you out to the forefront of your mind so you become aware of them. That is the first step to letting them go…. Then the fun starts 😉

Clair Marie, BASE girl looking over the edge