March 27, 2014 Clair Marie 0Comment

My most recent trip was one for the record books for me. One of the greatest times I have had in a long time. Climbing, BASE jumping and laughing more than I have ever laughed before. Combining some of my deepest loves and passions into one pretty little package of memories for the rest of my life time.

BASEgirl Ep 9. Just released. This is a very hard one for me to post, not because of the content, the adventure is amazing, but because the person who contributed exponential amounts to the adventure and film making process, someone I loved very deeply, passed away in a BASE jumping accident last week. I am incredibly heartbroken and totally crushed but at the same time I feel so fortunate to have spent even a minute with this awesome individual. Although he doesn’t make an appearance in the video know that I never could have done this with out the help of the incredible Sean Leary. Without you Sean this video would have been nothing and this adventure would have been far from the spectacular experience it was. I dedicate this video to you and know you will always be in my heart! Thank you so much for everything you taught me and for the wonderful adventures! Fly Free and see you on the other side.

BASE Girl Epic TV

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