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With the crisp cold winter air, a car full of toys to play in said air and a huge smile on my face, I left Colorado to travel to and from Northern California, Stoked stopping in several places in between. I didn’t really have an end goal for my trip but instead a trip goal for my life. It was my intention to go on this trip, driving solo, meeting up with friends along the way and just seeing where it brought me. With no predetermined goals or expectations, which is harder to have then it sounds, I dove into something new. No real plan… Being a BASE jumper I am very accustom to planing things out in detail, but also being open to last minute changes because lets face it. Mother nature doesn’t always stick to the plan. But in general I like to have a plan, so departing on a trip with limited planning and almost no schedule was completely new and exciting for me.

Where would it bring me and what would the trip mean? Questions I often asked myself as I drove for hours on end completely alone. But then quickly dismissed because… Who cared what the trip was all about. I knew it was going to be a fun adventure regardless. Thats the wonderful thing about having no expectations, everything is always a surprise and almost more fun then if it was planned.

After making it to NorCal I settled into a few weeks with the family.BASE girl Family Combining last minute BASE jumps with good friends, amazing conversations and lots of impromptu adventures. I quickly adjusted to the life of just going with the flow and making the best out of each situation and every minute. A friend, who unfortunately is no longer with us, always reminded me to make the best of every moment and never waste a day. Something I hold near and dear to my heart now!

With each adventure came a deeper and deeper fulfillment and excitement in life!

76223_748858409890_1393326688_nFrom tower climbing in Moab with amazing friend, in t-shirts in January, to BASE jumping off antennas, cliffs and bridges all across 4 states. A little stop for some slack lining and high line practice. My first attempt at mountain bike riding and of course not to forget re-connecting with old friends who constantly fill my head with crazy amazing ideas. I would have to say my unplanned trip was a success!!

Some times we as humans are just so insistent on making a plan and sticking to it that we miss out on opportunities that could be life changing. At the very least they are thought provoking and entertaining in one way or another.

1488712_10102073001555163_327417369_n-1If we could all just get out of our own way and let our thoughts and actions open new doors with out forcing them. We might just see something we didn’t before! New opportunities at every corner, a snow ball effect of life choices and life path that can change at any second. Scary I know! We live in a world where we fear the unknown and rebel against the taboo. Instead of fear the unknown why can’t it spark curiosity. Instead of judging that which we don’t understand, why don’t 1620593_10102073001984303_910957520_nwe explore it and become educated? I know that a deeper knowledge of any aspect of life might not change your mind as to whether or not you like it, but what harm does a deeper knowledge have? In all of my experiences a deeper knowledge creates a more intense feeling but also a deeper appreciation for that which I have and what I offer to the world. Man, doesn’t everyone want to feel that way? Your adventure is up to you! If you are going to rebel then rebel agains the socially constructed ideas of the norm. You will have more fun 😉

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