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The most epic and special trip of my life and what a spectacular experience it was. I never in a million years would have thought I would have the opportunity to BASE jump inside a building and then even more impressive…. Land on a beautiful sandy beach. With a new stamp in my passport which is quickly filling up I made it to Germany. Berlin was my first stop and it was a beautiful city, filled with lots to do, things to see and yummy treats to buy. photo 2-3After 2 days in Berlin I made my way to the Tropical Island Resort about 1.5 hrs from the city. The building was amazing!! The structure was originally built as a  CargoLifter airship hangar but the project went bankrupt leaving it empty. That is until it was purchased for just 1 Eur and the Tropical Island began construction. photo 2-2

And now… It has been opened to the BASE jumper world as the host of the IBWC (Indoor BASE World Cup). With a quick climb up the side of the dome and a very exposed walk across the cat walk we made it to the exit point. About 240 ft above the tropical looking rain forrest below us I climbed over the rail to make my first PCA jump from the roof (and second PCA ever). 1452173_634881186563603_917177354_n

The jump was incredible and the beach landings so soft! It is a spectacular location and the most memorable BASE event I have ever attended. Throughout the 3 days at the dome I was able to make 2 practice jumps, 4 competition jumps (2 in the new BASE girl Bikini)and finally 1 incredible record setting jump with the rest of the participants. I believe the final count was 64 jumpers off the same exit point one right after the other. The entire Record setting attempt took 10 minutes from first jumper to last jumper. So fortunate to have to ability to participate in such an incredible event. Thank you to the TIR for hosting us and for all of the organizers of the IBWC! What an incredible trip and life long memories!! Stay tuned over the next 3 days for the first video of the amazing experience!

Clair Marie landing at the TIR1479380_580088168694083_288169502_nThank you EpicTV, BlackSheep Rigging and Kaikini. You make all my trips so much better 😀


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