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Throughout my time as a jumper and an instructor I have heard every excuse in the book as to why someone doesn’t want to skydive. Some are very valid reasons and some are just down right funny excuses. I like to address each concern with my true feeling on the subject and it is up to the individual to either listen to it and accept it or to hold fast in their fear of the unknown. Here are the top 4 excuse/ reasons and my answers.

Reason #1. I’m scared of heights

I am scared of heights as well. When I have a parachute on my back it takes that fear away because it provides a source of safety. The height in skydiving isn’t like it is when I am standing on a bridge or cliff looking down. Because there is nothing going from where I am all the way to the ground there is nothing to judge the height by. It almost looks like a more realistic version of the kids toy mat that they can drive cars on. In addition to the height not feeling real, at no point do you really feel like you are falling. You don’t get what is known as ‘ground rush’ where the ground looks bigger and bigger as you are falling. Because you will deploy your parachute at a higher altitude you will never see the ground get bigger at a high rate of speed. You experience this in BASE but not skydiving.

Reason #2. I hate the roller coaster feeling

There are many people who hate that stomach in the throat feeling and I don’t blame them. Lucky for us as skydivers having that feeling is very rare. Why? because we are already moving forward at a high rate of speed in the airplane, when we exit we just feel more air on our face and body. Almost like driving down the freeway and then sticking your head out the window. Some people experience a slight feeling of being on a roller coaster but that is because they are forgetting to breathe. We can breathe like normal throughout the skydive. If we couldn’t most of us wouldn’t participate in the sport.

Reason #3. I don’t want to die

Neither do I. Or many of the other jumpers I have taught and jump with. We don’t participate in the sport because we have a death wish. I participate in the sport because I have a dream of living life to its fullest. Statistically speaking you have a much greater chance of being involved in a fatal car accident driving to skydive then you will ever have actually participating in the skydive itself. Generally speaking your first few jumps are some of the safest you will experience. It’s once people become more experienced and decide to push the limits and try new things that accidents happen.

Reason #4 I have never had the desire to jump

This is totally acceptable. Skydiving isn’t for everyone and there are some people who have never wanted to experience it. Its not to say they are scared, it is just not on their list of things to do. To these people I say, no worries. If its not for you then its not for you. I would suggest going out and watching your friends do it if they are and you may change your mind or become desensitized to the entire process but don’t let someone convince you to do something you have no desire in doing, but at the same time keep an open mind. You might just miss out on something you would grow to love because you were hard and fast in your first initial reaction to the idea.

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