June 21, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

I have noticed over the years that when I am the most busy with specific projects is when I am the most productive in other areas of my life. You know the old saying, a body in motion wants to stay in motion. So it is my deepest belief that its not about how productive you are when you are busy but instead how productive you are and how you choose to use your “down time.” In BASE jumping there is a lot of down time. Weather holds, time between trips or jumps. It is so easy to get relaxed and just do nothing and wait for the next thing to come around. This very fact is why I find it so important to have other interests and bigger goals. Something I can always work towards that way my “down time” is actually productive time and not just a waste. Life is far to short to just sit around. Even little hobbies or activities can expand your creativity and open new doors. So go find something little to do in your spare time, or work towards one of your big goals. Each little step in life counts so make your time into little steps!

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