June 16, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

It is no secret I am passionate about supporting others in all their pursuits. I spent most of my career battling the nay-sayers to reach my goals. I know it is impossible to support all those who deserve support no matter how bad I want to or how hard I try. So to honor the saying of give a man a fish or teach a man to fish, I want to share some of the important aspects of dealing with support or lack of support.

Everyone knows that goals and dreams become significantly harder to reach if you don’t have a support system or even worse, you have people around you who are discouraging or even down right mean to you. Unfortunately, most of us have more nay-sayers than supporters in our lives. This has the potential to be detrimental to our passion and drive. But yet in the eyes of judgement, harsh words and discouragement how do some prevail and accomplish their dreams where as others fail or give in to the pressure?

I can only speak from experience on such a subject. Over my years of discouragement and negativity which surrounded me, I made the conscious decision that all the harsh words and acts of discouragement were only going to propel me further and faster then ever before. I wasn’t going to let the fear or judgement of others keep me from doing what I was passionate about and because of that I took the energy people gave me, good and bad, and harnessed it as energy to help me keep going. Some people I just wanted to prove wrong but most of all I wanted to prove myself right. We are all taught to latch on to the positive support we get but resist the negative. I say to absorb it all. It is all energy that others give us so why not take advantage of ALL of the energy and use the good to fill our soul and use the bad to propel us further than anyone thought possible.

There will always be more negative then positive when it comes to the energy we recieve. Maybe because the negative stings a little more, but we should all look at that energy as a blessing and an even bigger push to accomplish what we are going for. Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 4.56.38 PM

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