March 17, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

As my trip is coming to a close and I am away from the brutal hikes to the BASE jump exit point I try to find ways to stay active. In addition to the 3 miles we walk every single day my travel buddy and I decided to go see a popular temple. Doesn’t sound like much of a work out does it? Well to get to the top of the cave one must go up 1,237 steps ranging in height from 3″ to 18″. Yikes! It all started wellphoto 5 but by step 456, yes they give you step markers, we felt the burn. The numbers went from a helpful reminder how far along we were to an antagonizing joke of how far we had to go photo 2…ok ok I am exaggerating but the experience was a blast. The workout was phenomenal and the view was nothing less than spectacular. The Tiger Temple Cave was a success and I couldn’t help but feel grateful for everything I have in life and who I have become, as corny as that sounds!photo 3 photo 4 A magical place for sure and one which I will not soon forget.

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