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One of the things I have learned throughout the years (and yes I learned it the hard way) is that preparation is incredibly important. I am not talking about preparing for a trip by planning and packing, making sure I have everything I need to bring. I am talking about physical abilities that will aid in the simplicity of my adventures. Ok ok I don’t want simple adventures but I do want to make sure that I am physically prepared to make the trip with out having to worry about my abilities that could negatively impact my experience. Such as being out of shape and there for getting less jumps or less quality jumps because I struggle to get to the exit point.

Health is incredibly important to me and so is physical ability. This is one of the Clair Marie Dreamkey reasons why I am always so excited about my next trip. I am preparing all the time for what is to come! When I am working out and doing cardio I really visualize where I am going and how the trip is going to play out, getting to the exit points etc. Every work out gets me closer to knowing that I am physically prepared to getting to the exit in a timely manner. In BASE jumping it is incredibly important to minimize any outside factors to ensure I have the clearest mind for the jump. If I am physically exhausted that is what I am thinking about on the ext and not focusing on the jump!

So in an effort to constantly prepare my entire self, mind, body and spirit for my next adventure here is todays work out!

**Todays workout to continue preparing for my next long approach BASE jumps.
20 minute cardio bike
90 jump squats
3 minute plank
120 (60 each side) straight leg bridge
90 walking lunge
100 Calf raises
50 pushups

Nice long stretch to cool down and improve flexibility!!!
BRING IT!!!!!**

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