January 5, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

Each and every day we make a choice. Not just what we are going to have for breakfast but we make a choice on how we are going to spend our time. When we are clear with our goals we can be more clear with our time management to reach our goals. There is no real reason to make goals if we don’t have the follow through to block time and create our plan to make our goals.

As a base jumper time management is a key component of success. I’m not speaking about the safety of the jump but instead creating the opportunity to continue to jump! As a jumper i don’t have set times when I jump or specific days of the week! It varies incredibly but if I manage my time properly. My play, my work, my family and my sports I am setting myself up for success! And who doesn’t want to be set up for success??

Time management is the gate way to a successful, productive and adventurous life. Use your time wisely. Make sure your use of time is in conjunction with what you want to accomplish and nothing will stop you from achieving it!


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