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Living to my truth! My motivation to do what I do

Throughout the years I have been on top of the world at times and locked in the basement, holding the door shut all by myself while trying to escape.

I have experienced feelings of being exactly what I wanted to be then feelings of having no idea of who I am or where I am going. This is the beauty of life. We each have the opportunity to be what ever we want to be, in any give moment. We just have to make the conscious decision to take who we are, in our own hands, and shape our lives to fit what we desire. This is regardless of outside circumstances. We still have to take into consideration our objectives, life goals, responsibilities etc but we can always find a way. These don’t have to limit us. We have to work with the cards we are dealt and this looks different for each person.

The truth that I seek is within me and only me. No possibility for anyone else to see my path, make me see it or accept it.

What I do is for me! To fill my life with joy, to entertain myself, to push me to reach higher and try harder, to open my eyes to the endless possibilities of life Clair Marie, BASE girl, Moab UTand what this world has to offer. I also do what I do with regards to promotion and putting myself out there with the hope to inspire other people to do the same. To break the mold of their every day life. Now I am not saying that everyone should take up an extreme sport and start base jumping. I am saying to dive deep within your being and find what it is that truly moves you, that scares you but compels you. That holds a burning place of desire in your soul and you have always wanted to try. I want to motivate and inspire people to understand this realization and to take steps out of their comfort zone and work towards achieving it. What ever the goal may be. Our possibilities are endless but we are raised to put our own limitations on ourselves.

With what I do comes a mix of followers. Incredible supporters, people who don’t care and people who follow what I do only to judge and attempt to discourage. I am human so the support fills me up, where as the negative people attempt to drain me. Where it gets tricky is seeing the negative that people tend to place on others and disregard it.

I would be doing myself a disservice if I was to listen to the negative people who I Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 5.28.34 PMencounter on a daily basis and then alter my actions to fit their mold. Regardless of what area the negativity originates from, the goal is to not doubt myself in any of my actions. Sure there have been times and I’m sure there will be more when I make the “wrong” decision but each choice is a learning experience. I am the first to admit I have made some choices which primary purpose was to show me not to make that choice again.

Judgments are a normal part of life when someone pushes limits and reaches higher in life, goals and is motivate to leave their mark. Being open to experiences but being numb to judgments

I have in my life and my sports incredible supporters and a hand full of massively judgmental people! People who believe I should be doing something different, be more discrete, more careful, be… less of me and more of what makes them comfortable.

What is my truth?

My truth is being an adventure seeker, an inspiration, an expressive being on

A Glimpse Into The Life. Clair Marie
A Glimpse Into The Life. Clair Marie

many different levels. Open to the freedom this life has to offer. My truth is ever expanding, ever changing and always growing. I am not afraid of change, I am afraid of staying exactly who I am for the rest of my life. I am afraid of being ‘content’ and not pushing myself to experience more and evolve. These fears are the only fears I condone. They keep me on my path and filled with a passion for life that no one can take away!

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