October 3, 2012 Clair Marie 0Comment

There are so many points in my career where a false sense of security, a bad decision or an ego could have prevented me from making safe jumps. From the beginning I have embraced the concept that I have something to learn from everyone. It might not be super obvious right off the bat but in the end I realize that I will always be a student. A student of BASE, skydiving, life in general! The sooner we realize that there is a value that each individual person we meet adds to our life the easier it is for us to learn, grow and progress! This trip to Switzerland I learned from people who I once helped teach. If I was closed minded I could have allowed my ego to get in the way of an amazing learning experience. There is always someone who will be better than me at something and I know I will always learn from them, but at the same time I can add value to their lives in a different situation.

Girly 2way
Tine the rockstar

Tine is a person I met one year ago. She was a very new BASE jumper, didn’t have a formal mentor and I helped her make her first few stowed jumps in Twin Falls, ID. On this trip we reconnected and she was so kind as to help me in a track suit which is her area of expertise now. I have to say her tips helped so much and all because I was willing and open enough to let someone teach me whom I had once taught!

We all have something to learn from everyone. Are we open enough to see this?

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