February 15, 2012 Clair Marie

The winter time for me is always my slow jumping season, the cold weather really gets to me at times and I find myself tucked away, warm in my home! Because I am the kid of person who looks forward to the start of the next jumping season I try my hardest to stay in shape so once the warm weather hits there is no grace period of how hard I charge because I need to get back into shape! In the off season there are several things that I do to stay in shape for hiking and jumping, all…

February 6, 2012 Clair Marie

I have been so stoked recently about the incredible kind of people who have approached me about learning how to BASE jump. The sport brings together all kinds from all different walks of life and it is truly incredible. Over the years I have met some RAD individuals with amazing stories!  I look forward to the many more to come. All I can say is I am excited for the coming months and the awesome oportunity I have to help introduce some sick new people to the sport that I love so much!