January 4, 2012 Clair Marie

There are two types of people -Ones who make resolutions on New Years -Ones who rebel agains making them on New Years I firmly believe in making resolutions of sorts, plans, goals etc. I support anyone at any time for making a resolution or goal, and me being so incredibly fond of them for my self will use any and all excuses to make resolutions, set goals and plans to achieve them. I set new big goals every few months,  stepping stones to make those goals a reality every week and small ones every day 🙂 And yes on New…

December 31, 2011 Clair Marie

I know it is about time, but the pictures are finally up! I am still working with some of the sizing issues I am having but it is a great start and I am very happy to finally have them posted!!! As always I will be keeping my photo’s up to date with all of my latest trips, jumps and adventures! Enjoy

December 28, 2011 Clair Marie

After becoming one of the youngest active female BASE jumpers at the age of 16, Clair always makes it her goal to continue following her passions of BASE. Clair Marie (24 now) travels the world to jump. As an adventure sports athlete Clair is as she puts it  “addicted to the outdoors!” Check out the Biography page to learn more!