September 7, 2017 Clair Marie 0Comment

There are few things in the world that can compete with the feeling of running straight towards the edge of a 2,300ft cliff. Especially when it’s The Chief in Squamish B.C.  The range of emotions and physical feelings are so vast and the excitement is palpable. These sensations are only amplified when forced to stand at the top, completely geared up, waiting for wind conditions to improve from hellacious to something a little more ideal. Waiting for wind conditions is a funny thing. Necessary, yet equally frustrating. It forces participants to remain in the prepared space for longer than normal. To me this is nothing but positive as it allows the time and the space to allow the severity of what you are about to do really sink in. Not having the ability to suppress the nervousness gives a more distinct and accurate representation of each persons approach and motivation to jump.

On this particular jump after taking our time on the hike up, we found ourselves waiting for over 2 hours at the top for the winds to calm down enough for each of us to jump safely. The jump was just as rewarding as imagined and spectacularly beautiful. Watch the short video of the jump below!