March 7, 2017 Clair Marie 0Comment

It’s so funny to me how motivation and working out go hand in hand. It’s hard for me to get motivated to work out but then once I do, I feel so much more motivated in my life! That’s where BodyBoss comes in!

I’ve always loved working out, ok well maybe that’s a lie, but I have always loved how I feel after I work out. That surge of energy, the rush of endorphins and the over all feeling of being capable of total world domination – And that’s exactly what I love about BodyBoss! I’m into Week 4 of the BodyBoss Method and I have never felt stronger, sexier and more motivated!

I love that the excuse, of not having the time, has been completely squashed by this Ultimate Fitness Guide. It take all the guess work out of whether or not my workout is maximizing impact and minimizing time. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that in just 24 minutes, 3x per week, I could get the workout that I was previously struggling to get, by creating my own workout plan, in under half the time.

Another reason I was struggling was because of the common misconception that to get in shape you need all the latest and greatest workout/gym equipment. Living in an RV having lots of workout equipment is completely out of the question. Even when I lived in a more permanent location I didn’t want to have lots of gym equipment. The BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness guide earns even more points in my book for being easy to use and almost completely equipment free. Using body weight exercises to give me the deep burn that I so desperately need to stay on my A game with all of my sports. Not to mention the #BossEffect 😉 This is my new secret weapon. BodyBoss helps kick my body into hyperdrive, using circuits to push me into my perfect anaerobic state, which kickstarts my metabolism and keeps me burning calories well after my workout.

Another beautiful feature is the workouts are scheduled! Having scheduled workouts really helps me stay motivated and keeping track of my progress is just a bonus. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the workouts are laid out perfectly to work every part of my body (especially those I don’t work through BASE jumping and Mountain Bike Riding). Monday is legs and booty day (My favorite). Wednesday is arms, abs and core (Ok maybe this is my favorite) and Fridays are a unique Power-Up Workouts which is a short but intense 6 minute workout and works every single muscle in my body.

For beginners when you buy the guide they throw in a free 4 Week Pre-Training to help you get started at a bit of an easier, although still beneficial, pace to help get your body ready for the main program. I’m already a very athletic person, so I just jumped right into the main program!

 Overall I love that there were 60 different exercises throughout the program that keep my workouts fun, fresh and challenging. This is a key component of the BodyBoss and this, to me, is what sets them apart from all the other workout guides out there. I’m a few weeks in and already in love with how I feel, not to mention I’m starting to see my abs again which is a clear sign of a great program.

The 12 week program is quick, effective and easy to use and I would recommend it to even my most athletic of friends! So go out there and be a #BodyBoss!  You can get it at