January 2, 2017 Clair Marie 0Comment

Bright faced and stars in their eyes, everyone always thinks that the New Year will be their year! I love to see the motivation in everyone. The list making and dream planning, all the big ideas and positive changes that are voiced on various forms of social media. It truly is a magical time of year mainly because of the energy that everyone is putting out! It is sad to me to see all of the positivity and plans fade away as the days in the new year tick by. Going to the gym 5 days a week turns to 3 to 2 to never again. The happy motivated energy turns to self destructive guilt for not sticking to it and then the inevitable happens. They say that Next year will be their year.

I am guilty of this same process and that is not to say that there aren’t plenty of NY resolutions that are stuck to and accomplished. However in my experience the majority of people fall back into their same old habits that are keeping them right where they were last year within just weeks.

This is exactly why I don’t put so much emphasis on yearly resolutions and instead I create resolutions monthly and some times even weekly. This way… If I fall off the wagon I don’t feel like I have to wait until next year to start again!

The problem with saying you are going to start something in the new year is that you aren’t fully committed. If you want to start something new why not start now. Have conviction in your decisions and decide right now that EVERY YEAR is your year. Take ownership of your results, both past and future and know that you and only you can decide to build the life you truly want, no matter what that looks like!

So this year, just like every year past I choose to be healthy, I choose to take care of myself and I choose to work tirelessly in a direction that gets me closer to my goals. What is your plan?