November 10, 2016 Clair Marie 0Comment

It’s no lie, the United States has some pretty spectacular landscape. Scenery that will not just leave you speechless, but will evoke this overwhelming emotion that cannot be easily explained.  They are a reminder of what once was and a blatant example of what is almost gone. To me it instills this sense of urgency, to protect what little we have left of the beauty that once surrounded us. To always remember, in everything we do, what our impact truly is.

Visiting National Parks is an emotional and eye opening experience. And in all the years tourism has just kept growing. A good thing? Maybe, although the increased traffic to the sites and the utter disgusting behavior of some visitors is appalling. People carving their names in natural landscapes, Littering all over the place. Having no sense of preservation. Makes me want to slap people.

It’s funny to me that with all the destruction that goes on in national parks, what will get you arrested is not destroying the landscape that is protected, but instead enjoying it in the way I find the most fulfilling. Falling from the beautiful cliffs.

Although I go on a slight rant check out my most recent vlog.