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Through all the ups and downs. After all the planning and adventuring (which there is a lot), I am always in need of some serious me time. Despite the fact that I love doing awesome things with rad people I am very much an introvert. I can socialize with the best of them but at the end of the day I love a little time to myself to relax, recharge and center myself. When I am stressed or on edge (not a literal edge) I am definitely not my best self so I try to make sure I spend some time on myself to stay grounded. One of my favorite ways to treat myself is with a little home spa. It’s relaxing, fun and to be honest the fact that it is cost effective is probably the biggest selling point for me.

A little yoga, some warm tea, a mani and pedi, a good movie and a great face mask will make any girl feel more like herself!

Clair Marie, BASE girl Derma9Right now my favorite face mask by far is the Derma9 Zone System Mask. I have a tendency (as many girls do) to have dry cheeks but an oily T-zone which is why I love Derma9. It targets specific areas to give you exactly what you need for each type of skin across your face.

It’s easy and fun to apply and when I take it off my skin feels hydrated, smooth and silky. What’s not to love. But to be honest, what I love the most is this brand is VEGAN!!! Mega plus in my book as I slowly transition into  all cruelty free products in my daily routine. They gave me a special discount code for you all to use if you want to try it. Just use code CLAIR for 10% off your order and let me know what you think! 

Clair Marie BASE girl

Thank you Derma9 for sponsoring this post