July 10, 2016 Clair Marie 0Comment

Traveling around the united states, living in the awesome RV with my wonderful boyfriend has gifted me with the unique opportunity to ride in so many diverse landscapes. None of which come close to the incredible beauty and honestly some what erie environment of the Pacific North West.

With a landscape that looks like something straight out of the Jurassic Park films the slick, wet ground is truly a one 20160707_190655of a kind place to ride.

Day one riding was a challenge and a learning experience, taking it easy. Learning how to properly navigate and master… ok not master the technique of gliding over the wet and slippery tree roots.

Day two was a little easier but this time, instead of clear skies the ride was in the crisp rain. Although a little hard to get motivated initially once I was flowing through the trails all thoughts of being soaked all the way through vanished and turned into a smile a mile long. The terrine was much more tricky when it was freshly wet with the rain and fast building fog but surprisingly fairly easy to adjust to. I have to admit most of the work was done not by me but by letting my Evil bike, that rides much more like a luxury vehicle, do IMG_20160708_104420what it was built to do.Getting out of my head and becoming an extension of my Insurgent, flowing in and out of the turns, getting progressively more soaked with every fern or bush I brushed past. It was a surreal and incredibly memorable experience. 

So fortunate to have such amazing friends to support what I love and show me around.

Thank you Evil Bikes for sponsoring this post and being just totally rad all around!