June 12, 2016 Clair Marie 0Comment

The things that terrify you are some times the things you most need to conquer. Despite popular belief I used to be scared of heights. Not scared in the sense that I might fall and die, but scared in a much more terrifying and maybe psychotic way. Every time I was standing on an object towering over the ground far below I would have this feeling in the pit of my stomach and a voice that rang through my head saying “I could just snap right now and jump off the edge, what would that be like”. That feeling is what led me to climbing, having this strange comfort hanging off the wall hundreds some times thousands of feet off the ground. That feeling is what ultimately what led me to BASE jumping.

I was recently back where it all started in my home town in Northern California. Climbing the object that inspired so many of my adventures and caused so many unsettling but motivating feelings.

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