May 3, 2016 Clair Marie 0Comment

Traveling has done me the pleasure of opening my eyes and has changed my view of the world, emotions and humanity as a whole. Some times in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way, But typically the dualities even out in the end. What one country lacks in a specific area they usually make up in some other way.

In some of my more recent travels a very sad reality was brought to my attention. Maybe because they chose not to hide it, maybe because they participate in this destructive behavior more  due to induction or maybe they just don’t know any different.

The trend of disposable happiness, Making things not to last but to degrade and be thrown away. We carelessly purchase, consume and then mindlessly dispose of so many things throughout our lives. Have we truly become a pit of mindless consumption? Do we really not think about the future? With the age of fast food, fast fashion and an eternity of repercussions we are on the fast track to destroying the one thing that keeps us alive and that is our planet.

It was utterly disgusting and completely depressing to see such beautiful landscape riddled with years of disposed “goods.” Trash piled in every corner and people continually adding to the massive mess. The people were so friendly and welcoming, the landscape was stunning but all of that was so overshadowed by the stench of poor plumbing and rotting trash piles.

Why can we not dispose of the things that harm us instead of the things that harm the planet. Why can’t we throw away negative thoughts, wishes and feelings. Why can’t we dispose of the things that hold us back and hinder us from pursuing our dreams. Why can’t we let go of the things that destroy relationships and friendships and family in the same way that we so carelessly consume and dispose of everything else. The world would be such a prettier and happier place don’t you think.

Our current trend of consumerism breaks my heart and although I am not exempt from contributing to the destruction I now know what the thing that I love the most, this planet, will look like if it continues.  No one is perfect, but we can all try a little bit harder to be better at preserving the place that we all live!