April 20, 2016 Clair Marie 0Comment

It’s no lie that I love to go on adventures. Exploring this world and the fun things to do seems to be my life calling. But… Adventure and exploration isn’t exclusive to international or even domestic travel. It can manifest in so many different ways. Hence my new adventure.

I have always been interested in fashion. It is not a secrete that I have a huge obsession with high heel shoes and I love how fashion and clothing can set, change and evoke different feelings and emotions. Over the last few years I toyed with the idea of creating my own fashion line but my ideas always fell short of actually happening. Along the way, and with an amazing partner, I was educated on the horrible environmental impact of the clothing and apparel industry. I also learned about the awful way in which garment workers are treated in most textile factories in 3rd world countries. It made me absolutely sick to my stomach. I understand that there are some companies that don’t use these factories but a majority of clothing companies do. It is almost an out of sight out of mind kind of deal.

Armed with this eye opening information my partner and I finally had the direction we so desperately searched for in the beginning. With our minds set we embarked on creating beautiful wearable art that was sustainably made and ethically produced.

I am so proud to announce the launch of our new fashion line Reverence Design. Every aspect of our company is USBASE girl, Clair Marie, Fashion, Eco Friendly Clothing, Ethical Clothing, Geometric Design made to ensure the best working conditions and quality of materials.

A passion project that not only educated us but brought us together on a unified front to change our current trend of how we produce and consume.

You can read more about our products HERE!!!

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