February 9, 2016 Clair Marie 0Comment

Every now and then I reach a point in my life where the questions seem to be piling up. What do I want to accomplish? What should I do next? Where do I want to end up? How do I get tgiphyhere? Is this the best time? Questions that have some weight to them. Not exactly simple day to day questions.

Yet at times like these, for some reason, the answers seem to be in short supply. Every time I feel as though I’m coming close to an answer it some how seems to evade me. It is right there on the tip of my tongue, at the front of my brain, just waiting to pop out then… nothing. During the process of trying to access that one answer to that one question 3 more questions seem to appear out of nowhere adding to the never ending queue.

It’s times like these that force me to take a step back, to get comfortable in the unknown, to relax knowing that the questions may or may not be answered in a time frame that is to my liking and I have to be ok with that. It doesn’t mean that it is easy. One thing that stresses me out is when I can’t answer something, Just sitting there in the space between understanding the question and not having access to the answer. I guess that is where a little belief in myself, belief in the process and a nice relaxing bath comes into playbath-960x500

Because lets face it, if you have all the answers, you don’t understand the questions!