June 14, 2015 Clair Marie 0Comment

If there is one thing that I have truly been addicted to over the years, aside from high heels and candy, it would be learning. Learning new tips, tricks, sports and hobbies. Learning about people, cultures and the things that truly impact our lives, both good and bad.

There is nothing better then getting lost in the process of acquiring a new skill or ability. It is not only fulfilling but keeps your mind fresh and young.

I have always had a passion for learning. I was homeschooled my entire life until I started Community College courses when I was young teenager. I was raised in a small mountain town where the nearest school was almost 45 minutes away. Not a trip we wanted to take 5 days a week. Being homeschooled I had the fantastic opportunity to decide what I wanted to learn about. I had specific expectations on what I should have completed upon graduation but most of my course work I got to choose. It taught me very early to be self taught using the resources I had surrounding me. Not having someone looming over me explaining what I needed to learn and how to learn it freed me to explore what interested me and in the process made me really enjoy the learning process.

I was fortunate enough to bring that desire with me into adulthood. Constantly wanting to learn new things, figure things out and expand my mental capacity. learning opens up doors which we never would have thought possible.

In my attempt to learn new things I, with the help of my wonderful boyfriend Alex, am learning to Clair Marie, BASE girl, Weldingweld. A skill which I believe to be incredibly useful. In addition it is a way to express a more artistic side. Although I am still very very new to the art and craft of welding I already know how fulfilling it is to create something. Recently I had the pleasure of helping Alex make several pieces of furniture for our new business in San Diego. To see the process from start to finish. The planning, drawing, cutting of materials and assembly, applying the finishing touches and then stepping back to see the final product. The feeling one gets when they get to see their design and ideas in physical form after hard work is not something I can articulate.

There is so much in the world to learn. If a person had 1,000 lifetimes they wouldn’t even learn a fraction of what is available to us!!

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi