May 14, 2015 Clair Marie 0Comment

Sitting in my house after an awesome morning bike riding around San Diego’s down town area mapping out our future. Tired but excited and a little stressed.

Now the little 1.5 year old who lives upstairs is proving that he can and will be the long jumping champion in the next olympics is making soooo much noise as I read an article about the lavish, quaint and quiet home Jennifer Lawrence just bought. Quite, that is exactly what I want right now!

Money Bags Image_360_256_90Then I read an article about making six figures in a year, because contrary to popular belief I don’t make that. I don’t make anywhere near that! I would love to, but the reality is I don’t even come close. Pause for reaction… She travels around to BASE jump and looks like she is having so much fun but she doesn’t have money???? girl-with-purse_5881567 Yes, I live a pretty modest life, I don’t own much but my gear and my shoes (I love high heels). I don’t drive a fancy car, live in an epic house or travel internationally at the drop of a hat. Everything I want to do and every place I want to travel is planned out and saved for just like everyone else has to do! Anyway about half way through the article that was listing the ever so popular Desire, Motivation and hard work the fourth option was to “marry into money, but then you will most likely have to settle with being married to a less than average looking individual”… Wait… WHAT? This was in a legitimate financial journal. Is this what we have come to, marrying into money rather than building an empire yourself? Shocked and disgusted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this article that is advising those who desire a more financially stable future.

Regardless of the tips and tricks on the internet. Despite all the bad advice, making something work for you just takes time and effort. And although at times I feel as though my financial status in life doesn’t reflect my age I have to remind myself that I am only 26 (some mornings I feel like I am 80) and there is so much more to do and accomplish and I am more than capable of succeeding!


Biggest reminder… Money is not everything! But it sure can make life a little more comfortable at times 😉