March 5, 2015 Clair Marie 0Comment

There has been some controversy over my most recent blog post about the gap between action shots of men and women and the huge amount of “sexy” photos of the top female athletes. The article can be found here 


In light of the fact that it seemed many people didn’t even fully read the article before jumping to conclusion I figured I would do a follow up to go more in-depth on this topic and my stance on it. At the same time make my point of view much more clear to those who just breezed through and judged harshly.

I was called many names because of this blog post. Followers and people whom I once considered friends all joined in. Backlash ranging from people calling me a poser and hypocrite to people telling me that I have no business writing about this topic because I have one (1) photo of me posing next to my gear. Out of the hundreds of photos I have shared over the years. I was also told that having a 50/50 action to sexy photo ratio discredits me. Taking IG for example I have approximately 4% modeling photos compared to the other 96% that are a mix of action/adventure shots with the occasional landscape pic and a selfie ever now and then. I believe this is a very acceptable amount. Others told me to just own up to the fact that I have “used ‘my’ body” just to gain followers. I have to agree with this person to a degree. I definitely used my body to gain followers, I used it every time I hiked up to a BASE jump, every time I went Climbing, slack lining or snowboarding and I used it in every photo shoot I have ever done. I use my body all the time and in many different ways!

I think it’s funny that so many people found it necessary to call me a hypocrite for my post, as if I  had forgotten that I have posted “sexy/modeling” pictures of myself. Obviously the blog post was not a condemnation  of those types of photos. it was me expressing frustration that those types of photos seem to be the standard when portraying women in action sports. Again, to make sure there is no confusion, i have no problem with “sexy” pics of women in sports, I’d just like to see a shift in focus towards what we are capable of, not just what we look like.

I admit maybe my title choice of “Miss-Represented” was not the right choice, Instead it should have been “Under Represented”

My main point in my previous post is how there is a hug gap between the content of photos between male and female athletes. Most men are portrayed as action icons and shots of them are mainly action shots of them participating in their sport. Where as for women of equal and some times even higher caliber the majority of the photos are more focused on their looks and physical appearance than their abilities in their sports.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with sex appeal. I think women should take pride in their appearance, but at the same time I don’t think that should be the main point of focus. When a majority of photos of a female athlete is her posing next to her gear rather then actively using it that is what gets me frustrated.

The reason I said “the majority of the photos I found” was because that is exactly what I meant. The MAJORITY of photos. Never once did I shame someone for being sexy and say that they shouldn’t be. Nowhere did I write that sex appeal is bad and people should stop expressing themselves in that way.  I just believe the focus should be shifted to highlight ability MORE than sexiness.

as I said before I “don’t want to teach girls/women that we need to hide what we are proud of because we are afraid of objectification. I feel that does just as much harm as over sexualization in the media these days. I just think there is a right and a wrong way to market women and sexy women at that.”  If we overly shame sexiness then that is setting an equally  bad example as the sheer amount of sexy photos and advertisements out there.  If we say that being sexy is a bad thing and they should be embarrassed about it then this breeds an equal if not more, amount of insecure women. This, in my opinion, should never happen. Instead the example that needs to be set is that we may be good looking and at times sexy and we can be proud of it, comfortable/confident with it, but lets not focus solely on this aspect.

***Everything that I write is a combination of facts, observations and most importantly my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me or like what I say, but at the end of the day I am not trying to change your mind on any topic. I am simply expressing how I view things and how I feel about them!