February 20, 2015 Clair Marie 0Comment

Women in adventure sports are so misrepresented! In my search to find inspirational women in action sports I became disgusted with how under represented and misrepresented women are. Searching out some pro female surfers, skaters and Motocross riders the majority of the photos I found were of the athlete “posing” next to or with their equipment where as their male counterparts were featured in action shots across the internet. It really gets my blood boiling when I know how capable these amazing women are at what they do but yet their appearance is highlighted more than their ability in sports. I don’t think women need to have shame about the sex appeal that they do have but I also don’t think it should be exploited. I don’t think battling to strongly on the side of being more conservative does anything for women. I’d like to help show women that being sexy is ok and there is a way to be classy sexy and not exploitative sexy. I don’t want young girls to think they need to be viewed as an object in order to gain popularity but I also don’t want them to be ashamed of their body or their sexiness.

One example that I just cant get past is how we support the over sexualization and objectification on social media, Instagram to be more particular. With entire pages aimed at only showing the female body in as little clothing as possible and in very compromising positions just for viewer satisfaction…

Why a page that just shows half naked bodies such as this

gets more likes, views and followers then a page dedicated to women who are beautiful but actually do rad things rather then just pose in a sexy way such as this.


Now I am proud of my body because I work hard for it, and I don’t want to teach girls/women that we need to hide what we are proud of because we are afraid of objectification. I feel that does just as much harm as over sexualization in the media these days. I just think there is a right and a wrong way to market women and sexy women at that.

Make a difference, help support the women and pages that are dedicated towards showing what we are capable of and not just what we look like in a thong! We are so much more than just our bodies!