January 29, 2015 Clair Marie 0Comment

Sometimes life seems unfair. The pain can seem too much. We don’t know where to go, what to do or who we want to be. But that is ok, because the only thing we need to know (and we need to know it 1000%) is that we want to be happy. We don’t need to know what happiness looks like for us just yet. Starting now with what would make you happy, then do it (as long as it is positive). Then do the same thing tomorrow and eventually happiness will become your natural state. You will subconsciously find your happiness in all that you do. It will be your driving force. To conquer all the negatives of life and counteract them with the happiness you have. That is when you know you have found your way.

No one says it better than the always inspiring Sierra Quitiquit

Sierra Quitiquit: How Did I Get Here Teaser from Sierra Quitiquit on Vimeo.