December 27, 2014 Clair Marie 0Comment

Most days, when I was growing up, I was looking forward to tomorrow, next week, next year. I was constantly fantasizing what my life would look like when I was older. Where I was going to live, what I was going to do. I think that planning for the future is a necessity for success because if we don’t know where we want to go then we will definitely never get there. But there is also something to be said about living in the moment. We have to live right now because this moment, today, is all we truly have for certain. I have learned over the years, through pain and loss, that everything can change in an instant. There is no right time for something to shift. It just does and in that moment your entire life can suddenly be different.

Living one day at a time but having an idea, a goal for your future is the only way to ensure that you are living fully now and moving towards what you ultimately want. Keep in mind that what you ultimately want can also change in an instant as well. Something which you have put massive energy and effort into can suddenly become less of a priority. Things you placed a high level of importance on can become unimportant over night. Our interests can change, our desires change and our paths change. We need to be open enough and compassionate enough to look at our situation and respect the shifts that are taking place. If they are positive and exciting but even if they are painful, annoying or devastating. Fighting and resisting only brings more pain. Now I am not saying that when things get tough or uncomfortable to just give up. Giving up and accepting change are two very different things. Instead what I am saying is if the shift is natural, the best thing you can do is go with it!

Live for today, appreciate what you have today, love as much as you can today and plan for the future, but do not become attached. That is all we can do!