December 10, 2014 Clair Marie 0Comment

Every now and then. Maybe after a particular difficult week, projects falling through, loss of a loved one or close friend and even just normal life things, depression creeps its way into life. Everyone experiences this. No one is exempt, the only difference is how we all handle it. How we confront the emotions that tell us to stay in bed all day, binge eat comfort food or to feed into the emotions which lead to a downward spiral. And on occasion pulling yourself out of the funk seems impossible. Like you are trapped beneath the surface, So close to escaping, seeing normal life going on in front of you, despite the way you feel. Reaching a point of not knowing what to do or how to pull through. Motivation dwindles, inspiration seems so out of reach. What a process this can be. How do we make it through in one piece? Back to where we need and want to be. Back to our “normal” life, doing the things we love with the people we love.

When all efforts fail. When ever attempt results in falling deeper into the pit of despair there are 2 things that I do.

I lay down and look up at the sky (day or night). Taking it all in, understanding that my feelings aren’t separate from the world. That I am not the only one who feels this way every now and then. Recognizing how small I am in comparison to the world and how this doesn’t mean the end of everything. Nothing is permanent, the way I feel will fade away.

Then I listen to music

Music makes me feel like I can do anything, that nothing is out of reach. That I am powerful beyond measure. It motivates me, inspires me, pushes me to do more, go further and experience more. Music feeds my soul and creates a sound track for my life. It dissolves the barriers that I have placed around what I believe is possible. Music helps me access a part of me that is infinite, a part of me that sees the bigger picture. It shatters preconceived notions and seemingly makes obstacles disappear. Music is a gift to us all and we should all take better advantage of what it offers us. It has the ability to open our eyes to more than what we have experienced. Music helps fuel my life.