August 18, 2014 Clair Marie 0Comment

We don’t teach our kids how to survive, we teach them how to be robots.

Where are the days when we taught kids to question everything! How things work, why things are they way they are and to challenge those thoughts when they don’t make sense. To not necessarily rebel against authority but to question it, in a respectful manor.

keep-calm-and-question-everything-3We expect and teach our kids today to listen because they have to and to accept what is told to them as fact and then they are punished if they don’t conform and become like all the others. Where is the zest for life, the thirst to figure the world out, to experience things first hand and not just take someones word for it. 

Every child is born with curiosity but through condition they become vessels of acceptance and conformation. 

We need to challenge them to think outside the box, support curiosity and respond effectively to rebellion. Allow them to figure things out for themselves because telling them that it is already figured out is robbing them of this amazing process of coming to their own conclusion. 

We act as if their curiosity is a burden to us. Like we don’t have the time to answer them so there for their questions are stupid and they should just accept what we tell them. In addition I routinely experience parents who apologize for their kids when they come up to me and ask  questions about what it is that I am doing when I am packing my parachute or walking out to a jump. Curiosity should be rewarded not apologized for and discouraged. Why any parent or person would rob a child of knowledge is sickening to me!  

Keep in mind I don’t have kids of my own however I have spent a majority of my life surrounded by them. With 8 siblings and having had an extended career as a nanny I was subjected to the ways in which curiosity is crushed. We should teach the children of this generation to question everything!!! Let them morph into their own person and not try to force them to be carbon copies of an “Ideal” that we are taught is “Normal”.