April 29, 2014 Clair Marie 0Comment

I started skydiving in 2005 at the Parachute Center in Lodi, CA. BASE was my passion and I was fortunate enough to find work within the parachute industry. I began working as a packer, then a video flyer and eventually a skydiving instructor. Although I loved skydiving for work it was never really one of my true passions… That is until recently. I always told people that skydiving was my job but BASE was my passion. A very true statement for the time, but now after almost 9 years in the sport Skydiving has a new spice to it. Two weeks ago I took a trip back out to Lodi… Where it all started 😉 to make some fun jumps with old friends whom I hadn’t jumped with in ages… And man what a crazy fun time it was. Goofing off with friends in the sky, surfing wing suits and participating in all around shenanigans for several days put that spark for skydiving back in my soul. With every jump I had a bigger and bigger smile on my face and laughed at every time we messed up the plan. I was fortunate enough to get some amazing pictures that serve as a reminder of how good this life really is and how stoked I am to have the ability to do what I love with some amazing people! Thanks everyone in Lodi for the awesome times. Jhonathan Florez, Todd Davis, Rex Pemberton, Melissa Pemberton, Kyle Berkompas and everyone else I didn’t name. What a crazy fun week! Exit Surfing Wing suits Reverse Rodeo Stoked DCIM100GOPROPhoto Credits: Todd Davis, Jhonathan Florez, Kyle Berkompas