April 13, 2014 Clair Marie 0Comment

Over the years I have bounced back and forth from BASE jumping and skydiving, mixing in a few other sports every now and then. But the one that I have massively been slacking on has been my climbing. I grew up climbing in the
mountains of CA. When I was on the rock I felt most at home. Totally comfortable, challenged and at peace. Once I started BASE jumping the climbing took a back seat in my life. Something I never really addressed until recently. Over the past few months my desire to get back to being a strong climber has hit hard. Opening doors to many new adventures in a world I like to call… Multisport. Ok yea so its not that revolutionary. People have been participating in multisport for a LONG time. But now is my time. Mixing Climbing and BASE jumping is so fulfilling and so challenging all at the same time but what has been the hardest is realizing how far I slipped off the climbing horse. Mentally I can still climb 5.12 but physically I am back down to being a 5.10 climber. Oh boy, this adventure to getting my strength back is just beginning. And oh what a fun road I am on. All of this has made me realize that a positive outlook and attitude surrounding progression is so important. I could just as easily get down on myself for slacking off for so long, losing my strength and not being where I would like to be. But instead I am fortunate enough to have the option to feel like a total newbie again and start from the ground up. Relearning what I used to have engrained with in my body. Setting a base point or starting point. I have the awesome opportunity to now measure my progress yet again and seeing where it will take me.

Sure it is frustrating to remember being much better at something and now feeling as though I am just starting again, but at the same time it’s the pain and discomfort that we often learn the most from.

My most recent climbing session left me less of a person then when I started, but only by a little 😉 photoSkin is just skin and it will grow back… hopefully. Its just mother nature showing me a little tough love. Made me remember that smiling and laughing through the pain is what I always did  and man does it help with managing the fact that I now gave a gaping hole in my hand.


There is only one way to go from here and that is up… and then hopefully BASE jump down.

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