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Over the years I have made many trips, both internationally and domestically. Most of my trips were made with a travel buddy. Either a friend or my significant other at the time. Each trip was amazing in its own way and provided life experiences in its own right. As fulfilling as traveling  with a buddy is, there is something to be said about the growth and introspection I experience when I travel alone. Sure the first time is scary, but also a little exciting. Being completely independent, doing what it is I want to do and not checking in with someone else. It provides a sense of taking care of myself 100% and is fulfilling beyond all measure. When we are alone we are forced to confront our own inner demons, recognize and accept our faults and downfalls and go through our own inner process with out the interruptions or distractions of a travel companion.

photo 1Solo travel creates the time and space for expanding creativity, working though our blocks in life and it opens one up to really dive deep. To figure out what it really is that they want, where they want to go and how they want to treat themselves.

Yes thats right I said how they want to treat themselves. Over my life time and really over the last few years I have noticed a huge decline in the priorities others place on themselves and their well being. Neglecting yourself in any way, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally can lead to lack of motivation and ultimately depression. We as a society need to learn how to take care of ourselves again. To make sure we treat ourselves and our bodies with respect. No longer putting our needs below others in our 3 Making sure we hold ourselves as a priority in our lives no matter what our circumstances are. Now I am not talking about being self important and expanding our ego to a super selfish degree. I am talking about having respect for ourselves. Respect for our bodies and our mind. Making sure we are fulfilled, because when we learn to respect ourselves and our bodies we learn to respect others as well. There is no shame in making yourself a priority. If you have a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, one child or 10 there will always be a need to take care of YOU!

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Solo travel is the number 1 way I have found that reminds me how to treat myself. Taking away the hustle bustle of a schedule and implementing a go with the flow energy really takes me back to a peaceful place of just relaxing in my own skin. Appreciating everything I have and everything I have yet to accomplish.

Solo travel doesn’t mean internationally, it doesn’t even mean domestically. It can mean what ever you want it or need it to mean. It could be a week you take on your own, in your own home. Away from technology and making it all about you. It could mean a day away at a spa or hotel or even just an hr or 2 by yourself walking, hiking, biking or just doing nothing. Solo travel means anything you do by yourself that will make you happy and provide the space for exploration and expansion of… YOU!

What ever way you find that works to help you get back to your center, do it and do it as often as you can. Being the best you will help you do your best in all of your other endeavors. Make yourself a priority and push your self out of your comfort zone!photo 2

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