November 28, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

Yes thats right. The wonderful and cold country welcomed me with foggy, windy weather. But for the first time in my life the weather outside didn’t dictate my mood… Why? Because the weather outside won’t impact my jumps. But how on earth is this possible?! Well it’s possible because there is, on this wonderful earth, a structure so beautiful and now accessible to jumpers where I get to jump not only inside…. But inside a Tropical Island Resort and land on the beach!!

TIRAfter an amazing flight to Berlin, where I had 3 whole seats to myself, I walked out into the brisk and windy weather with a huge smile on my face ready for the adventure. Today the jumping starts with 50+ jumpers from all over the world in this beautiful building! It’s not every day one gets to BASE jump inside. I am fortunate enough to have to opportunity to experience this at the IBWC (Indoor BASE World Cup) which is held at the ITR (Indoor Tropical Resort) just out side of Berlin.

Stay tuned for videos of the jump with in 1 week!!

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