September 2, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

Because BASE isn’t nerve wracking enough, this time I decided to add a little spice to the lead up to the jump. Now why would someone want to do that?

“A high stakes, high fashion photo shoot unlike any other – 360 feet up an antennae, outside the rail with NO PROTECTION. Clair Marie combines a beautiful location with deadly heights and adds lots of nerves to create a one of a kind BASE video. Because, of course, she’s not climbing down. Clair dons her formal dress and chucks herself off the antenna in the most formal BASE jump you’ve ever seen. Athlete: Clair Marie aka BASE girl Most Dangerous Sexy Fashion Photo Shoot / BASE Jump | BASE Girl, Ep. 3”

The final product post video is a stunning photo that will for ever remind me of how gripped I was leading up to the shoot but how oddly calm I was hanging out over 360ft of air.

High Stakes, High Fashion Photoshoot
High Stakes, High Fashion Photoshoot

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