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From the age of 16 I had worked exclusively in skydiving, filming, packing and teaching, by the age of 20 the sport which I once loved to work in became some 284755_242217709146265_1077543_nwhat of a thorn in my side and I began to dread each jump. It became a job and a very physically demanding one with little pay out and incredible time and weather constraints. I spend my spring-fall working so hard I didn’t have time to do much else besides a few BASE jump. Then I would spend all winter sitting at home not wanting to do anything or spend any money because I was living off savings. By my 6th year I had enough of the seasonal work that I no longer enjoyed and decided to get a job. With no work history but “skydiver” which to the corporate world really read “delinquent” and “Reckless” It was incredibly hard. With the growing pressure to find a job after selling my business I opted to work with one of my loves…Children. I became a full time nanny for well off families who could support a fulltime income for child care. BASE girl… a nanny?

I love children! I grew up with 5 brothers and 3 sisters, all but one being younger than I am. The career path of child care seemed fitting. My income was solid and my time was turning into the ever-dreaded 9-5 or a variation of such.

Over the years I worked with 3 different families ranging from 1-5 children in AZ 321397_257140377653998_1744499955_nand CO. I enjoyed working with each family and grew very close with the kids. Each family welcomed me with open arms and open minds, never judging my pursuits in sports or my tattoos. Instead they used them as a ground for conversation and peaked interest. It was a nice reality for me to feel accepted in a more normal form of society.

In the beginning it was challenging as children always are but I enjoyed the challenge and flourished in that environment. Having a constant in my life and a continuous income really put my mind at ease.

One thing about me is I desire constant growth and potential, I love having something to work towards or look forward to, something that challenges me. By 23 I no longer felt challenged in the nanny environment and I started to see a path of sameness. The same routine with no real advancement potential, in fact I felt as though once the children became old enough my position would become obsolete and I would have to start the entire process all over again or find supplemental work. I made the hard decision to resign from my position with an absolutely amazing family of 3 kids in Denver, CO to pursue a career in Nutritional Cleansing. It was an emotional shift for me as I had grown to love the family and the kids. However I needed to have more potential for advancement. Not having any form of savings, I had no choice but to succeed in the company I was now working with. It being a home based business where I controlled my outcome was attractive and scary all at the same time.304596_427253160659741_1582322967_n

My client list were primarily athletes whom I taught how to cleanse for better performance and faster recovery with the occasional person who had small to significant amount of weight to loose.

I set my own hours creating time freedom, I work from home and dictate how much I do. This directly translates into how much I get paid. Now I have residual income and leverage. But best of all is I love what I do, I get to work with people and impact lives every day. It fills me up and keeps my passions rolling. Doing what you love is important but I learned never to make my sport or passion purely a job. I will always teach, I love teaching, but to alleviate the stress of seasonal work stress, changes were made.

 Through all of my jobs and all of my experiences I have learned to embrace the unknown and follow my heart and my gut feelings. They have never lead me astray and because of my freedoms I am grateful. Because of my decisions, I work in a giving industry. I have always loved helping people. Weather it be helping people accomplish a dream, experience a new sport, participate in their job or care for children I am a people person. I have grown to love seeing the success of people and want to continue to help people see their dreams and accomplish them through all different modalities. Through my pursuits of helping others I stay true to my passions and can continue to live to my full potential. Each day I have a new zest for life and set higher goals, some call it crazy but I call it motivation. I recognize how far I have come but also how far I have to go and I love that about life, there is always something more that I can reach for, always something higher to accomplish and always something different that captures my attention.303265_266961110005258_303478168_n

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