July 30, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

Oh what an adventure. 19 days and over 3000 miles. I am only 2000 miles into the trip so far and it has been fantastic.

Starting in Boulder, CO I left at 6am to make the 10 hr drive to Twin Falls, ID where I spent a total of 36hrs BASE jumping with old friends and new friends. 6 BASE jumps in total and lots of memories made. Clair Marie, BASE girl tweener

Day 3. woke up and made the 9 hr drive from Twin Falls all the way to the South Lake Tahoe area where I grew up. Visiting with my siblings, most of which younger but all of which taller than I am was a pleasure and so much fun. Clair Marie and Family

In addition to family visit I was able to get some time to myself, despite the huge amount of siblings as pictured above, to film interviews for the next epic tv video which will be posted shortly.

BASE girl Interview Clair Maire, BASE girl

Day 6. Left from the family and headed south along the cost line down to the ever popular LA area. Leaving my mark in Santa Monica and filming all kind of content for the newest episode of BASE girl Adventures on Epic TV.

Check out Episode #2 right now before the newest episode is posted! Time to keep up on the videos 😛

Still only 10 days into the trip. Lots of driving and fun times to be had! Check back in for updates on the Adventure 😀

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