July 13, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

A famous quote that always set well with me. But well behaved is all in the interpretation of the one doing the judging. Who is to say what is well behaved and what is not? Certainly not me, so instead I look to see if what others are doing is A) hurting anyone else, and then B) What is the positive.

Another funny quote of which the author I don’t know. “I was feeling pretty good about myself.. then I got on youtube and started reading the comments on my video”

Its so true. I feel sorry for those who post intellectual questions that deserve an answer on youtube because from me they will go un-answered. Every video is riddled with dumb comments, pointless judgements and down right rude people who have nothing better to do than shoot down others attempts at living a fulfilling life. Which is why I have chosen not to partake in the reading of such comments. But every decision has a good side and a bad side, which means those who have a pure interest and good questions will suffer because those others.

So here is to those who don’t do their research. Those who judge before becoming educated and those who are afraid of anything other than the “norm”. May your lives be filled by that which you attract and express. Food for thought.

Laugh at me, Clair Marie

** I realize there are many different versions of this Quote and many perceived authors.

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