June 30, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

You are in charge of your life outcome, you are in charge of your happiness. People will always be people. Some are good and some are poison to our existence but we cant change who we encounter day to day. The only thing we can do is understand that we have the power over our own emotions and our response to the outside world. The only true way I have found that works for letting go of the outside drama is to be very clear. Be clear on what your goals are, what are your intentions and what serves you on your path towards your goal? Once you have made that clear, write it down if you have to, then and only then can you look at each situation, each moment of drama or pain and compare it to your list. Does it serve you to be pissed at a co-worker for something you can not change? Does that help you towards your goal? If not then let it go and focus on something positive to get you to where you are going!

So it’s up to you, you have the choice so choose wisely. You don’t get a rehearsal to life, so go for it!!!

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