May 31, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

Schedules packed as tight as possible with new passions, new work, old passions and lots of fun its hard to come to a point of relaxations some times. The past few weeks have made me realize the importance of taken some time, even just a little time, for my self to just relax and do nothing. Letting my brain and body have a break and do nothing. I have been going… no not going… charging for the last several weeks with no real days off. Although some times my house suffers from my schedule I began to realize my body was too. I started dragging more from being tired, my mental capacity was slowly lowering and I was beginning to feel it all over.

That was until I decided to take 20 minutes every day to just sit down, relax, rest relaxation and do nothing at all. Some days the 20 minutes is accomplished in 5 min intervals or installments as a full 20 min all together wasn’t possible. With this I have started to feel more energized throughout the day, healthier, more alert, much more productive and definitely happier more often. (not that my happiness is in short supply) haha.

Taking a few minutes every day for you will do wonders for your mentality and your sanity. It definitely took a few times to stop the constant thinking about what to do next or how much I had to do and instead just focus on the moment of relaxation and just go with the flow.

Take a few minutes out for yourself today, notice the difference?

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